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Welcome to Lavish Alice + Nynne Rosenvinge, the second in our series of creative collaborations with artists we admire. By blending the fine line between art and fashion, we hope to share the most creative up-and-coming artists and designers to inspire and amaze. As a brand that reveres the finer details, we want to ensure that each Lavish Alice parcel arrives in style with the packaging it deserves. This is why we asked Nynne Rosenvinge, an artist & designer from Copenhagen, to create a limited-edition design for our boxes and bags.

Echoing our brand aesthetic, Nynne is known for her minimalistic & feminine designs, passionately created using mixed media and digitalised to add a refined finish. From premium fashion magazines to the drawings of her young daughter, Nynne draws inspiration from the everyday. This floods her contemporary designs with the warmth of her personality. Nynne’s design is delicate yet bold, embracing a fresh & inviting colour palette. Softly dipped in watercolour, each shape is unique, as though plucked from a flower. Personal, minimalistic and contemporary, a true reflection of both Nynne and Lavish Alice.

The limited edition Lavish Alice + Nynne Rosenvinge packaging is available exclusively for this season.