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Welcome to the Lavish Alice x Liu Shishi collection, exclusively available in China.
To mark the launch of Lavish Alice in China, we have collaborated with A-List Chinese actress,
Liu Shishi, to create an exquisitely tailored capsule collection.
Regularly gracing the pages of Vogue, Elle and the red carpets of International
Fashion Weeks,Liu Shishi has amassed a loyal following of over 30 million fans.
Her classic style blends seamlessly with the minimal and contemporary
Lavish Alice aesthetic to create a collection that embodies minimalist extravagance and directional design.




Tailoring gives the power to redefine shape and optically enhance proportion: nipping in waists,
elongating limbs, giving pleasing structure and symmetry.
Origami cloth is worked into bold geometric shapes, creating triangulated fans and clean, sharp lines.
Fitted styles and lace details are here to define the silhouette and draw attention to the waist and curves.
Fabric sections dance with each other, forming sophisticated shapes,
asymmetric turns and sculptural rotations, inspired by traditional furoshiki knotting.
Non-conformist shapes wrap shoulders and arms giving a directional, conceptual flavour.
Elegant and bold: it’s time to dream up new ways of being.




Behind the collection with Matthew & Lee

Which is your favorite Lavish Alice design and why?
The caped blazer has become our signature. Tailored, sophisticated, dramatic, sleek and versatile,
it’s a great example of our softly tailored house style. We love geometric shapes such as origami folds, asymmetric
necklines and layering techniques. At the heart of everything is the product. We spend time to ensure garments
compliment the body with impeccable detail from start to finish.

How do you take inspiration and transfer them into Lavish Alice’s design?
We love art and architecture and you can see that expressed in our original prints,
our forms and in our silhouettes.Abstract shapes and geometric sculptures are big influences and each season
we play with new concepts and combinations – always refining and honing the ideas.
We interact with our customer and take note on how she styles, and what she wants from her fashion.
Streetstyle is a big thing for us and along with runway, it’s another big influence on our designs.

Describe the Lavish Alice style?
It’s directional, sophisticated, pared back and wearable with a signature lavish twist.
Each piece has something a little quirky or special about it, whether it’s the print, a drawstring detail
or an asymmetric neckline. Our vision perfectly marries with Liu’s style –
it’s grown up and chic and we’ve enjoyed developing and refining each piece with her.

What does the future hold for Lavish Alice?
This is just the beginning. Our vision is bold and we are now ready to realise new elements as we
enter new markets, and expand our product offering. With international collaborations, the launch of
new content strands, and new digital engagements. Watch this space.