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Welcome to Lavish Alice + Atelier CPH, the first of a series of creative collaborations with artists we admire.
Bridging the gap between the arts and fashion, we’re proud to share new work from some of our favourite talents.

At Lavish Alice we think visually about every aspect of our world and love to reimagine some of the elements we often take for granted.
Our packaging is one such area and that’s why we asked Mandy and Sara, founders of Copenhagen’s Atelier CPH,
to work with us on limited edition designs for our boxes and bags. Mandy and Sara are known for their warm, minimalist outlook.
As art directors they constantly look to the future and draw on an eclectic inspiration pool:
from architecture and paper cutting to the dotty pumpkins of Yayoi Kusama and Cubist sculptures of Henri Laurens.

What have you enjoyed about collaborating with Lavish?

“We liked the minimalistic universe you have and found that we share similar aesthetic outlooks.
Our prints are usually realised as poster art so it was a nice challenge to create three dimensional products for a change.”


What inspired the outcome of the design?

“We drew on Lavish Alice signatures of modernity, minimalism, femininity, and combined them with our current obsession…
circles and dots. We’re big fans of the 87 year old artist Yayoi Kusama who has been painting perfect dots on massive
canvasses and objects for many years. The relationships, the repeats and the way they interact: it’s playful,
but always inviting and thought provoking.”



How did you start Atelier CPH?

“Our partnership was founded in 2012 in Copenhagen.
We came from the worlds of styling, trend forecasting, art direction and graphic design and had worked together
so we already knew our skills really complemented each other. At first we specialised in future trends but
things evolved as our clients demanded more services, until we became this multidisciplinary design
studio which is now homed in an old biscuit factory in the center of the city.”

What do you enjoy most about working across design & fashion?

“We love the constantly changing, vibrant environment.
We design for people and really enjoy seeing how they react to our work.
It’s a very interesting circle.”



Mandy and Sara’s bespoke design is open, satisfying and looks to the future.
Bringing a sense of cool modernity, its curved shapes lift the spirits with a comfortable naivety.
Clean lines have a soft feminine edge, counterbalanced with raw, hand drawn elements and fresh, reassuring hues.
Layered and textured organic forms have been flattened; shadows made one dimensional.
As well as being pleasing to the eye, it invites you to suggest your meaning and project your thoughts onto it:
the more you look, the more you can imagine.

The limited edition Lavish Alice + Atelier CPH packaging is available exclusively for this season.

In celebration of our collaboration with Atelier CPH we are giving away an exclusive framed print and a £150 Voucher to spend at Lavish Alice.
All you have to do is sign up via the link below and a winner will be selected at random on
Friday 8th December.

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